profile of gaxing-nakayama


中山 裕美 (Yumi Nakayama)


20歳から現代美術・写真、様々のアートに挑戦。 オーストラリア留学後、


Yumi Nakayama (Chinese & Japanese Calligraphy Artist)
Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1984 (Taiwanese name: Hontin Wang).
I started dabbling in the art of calligraphy at the age of 6 and have since been developing my distinctive approach towards ancient script. After moved to Japan, I studied oil painting, sketching, contemporary art, photography and challenged many type of Arts in Japan.

In the pursuit of a true Art I found a way to my spiritual expression within the Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy. Since then the brush is rooted to my heart.
In 2009 I focused on Chinese traditional calligraphy and I studied under the Master Liu Hong in Japan. The following year I was awarded the highest title of “Professor” by the Chinese Calligraphy Academy accredited by the Shanghai University and given the calligrapher name ”Gaxing”(雅心)

While doing my calligraphy Art, I also worked on projects such as Live performance, various type of design and Contemporary Ink paintings.

I continue to produce artworks and strives to convey the essence of peace, the Zen philosophy, in my calligraphy.

Carries on creative activities with "Simple but Beautiful"



2016年 国際書法芸術展 東京美術館 出展/特選
     YUMI展 at YAMATO STUDIO 2 築地古民家
2015年 国際書法芸術展 東京美術館 出展/中国大使館文化賞
    「マテリアルと書」 ダイタデシカ、 にて 展示販売
    「12月の贈り物展」自由が丘 ミリオンアートギャラリー グループ展示販売
2014年 国際書法芸術展 東京美術館 出展/優秀新人賞,
2013年 国際書法芸術展 東京美術館 出展/特選
     中国書道学院 小作品展「喜び」
2012年 国際書法芸術展 台北国父記念館 出展/準特選
2011年 国際書法芸術展 上海大学美術館 出展/準特選
2010年 国際書法芸術展 南京古都美術館 出展
2005年  EPOCUS Jazz Musicians 専属カメラマン インドネシアツアー・写真展

2016 - International Calligraphy Art Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum - Special Selection Award. (Japan)
2016 - YUMI Private Exhibition at YAMATO studio old Japanese-style house (Tsukiji)
2015 - International Calligraphy Art Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum - Culture Award from Chinese Embassy. (Japan)
2014 - International Calligraphy Art Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum - Rookie of the Year Best Artist. (Japan)
2013 - International Calligraphy Art Exhibition at Ueno Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum -Special Selection Award. (Japan)
2012 - International Calligraphy Art Exhibition at National Dr.Sun-Yat-sen Memorial Hall - The Highest Honors Awards (Taiwan)
2012 - Nanjing Peace and Friendship Cherry Blossom Garden participation, Wang Yoshi calligraphy art research association members.
2011- Shanghai University Authorization, Chinese Calligraphy Academy Instructor Qualification
2011- International Calligraphy Art Exhibition at Fine Arts Academy of Shanghai University.(China)
2010 - International Calligraphy Art Exhibition at Nanjing Pilu Temple.(China)
2004 - Photography and Bean arts Exhibition at Harajuku Design Gallery. (Tokyo)
2004-Private Photography Exhibition and EPOCUS exclusive photographer Indonesia Charity Tour.(Indonesia)